Before you are able to publish your booking page, you must complete the following setup actions:

  1. Enter 'General' company details. READ MORE
  2. Setup 'Stripe' for receiving payments. READ MORE
  3. Configure your generic booking page design AND/OR configure individual locations' booking page design. READ MORE
  4. Enter your generic booking confirmation email AND/OR individual locations' booking confirmation email. READ MORE
  5. Enter your booking Terms & Conditions AND/OR configure individual locations' Terms & Conditions. READ MORE
  6. Create your locations (READ MORE) and setup each with:
    1. General details. READ MORE
    2. Booking settings (Asset setup required, see below). READ MORE
    3. Booking page design (if different from general company design, above). READ MORE
    4. Email settings. READ MORE
    5. Booking Terms & Conditions. READ MORE
  7. Add Asset Types (if required). READ MORE
  8. Add Assets READ MORE